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Al-Farooq Weekend School, Ibrahim Masjid is located in the heart of East London and we’re proud of our caring and inclusive environment. We have people from many ethnic backgrounds attending our weekend school.

We have high academic expectations, and making sure that all our children reach their potential and this is the key to everything we do. Our school is built on the belief that our students, their parents can learn, read and teach together to develop an excellent character.

What’s different about Al-Farooq Weekend School is that our children are at the centre of everything we do and we never lose sight of this. We want all our children to have a rewarding and enriching experience with us, and to leave us equipped to succeed and thrive in whatever they wish to do and work towards developing an excellent character.


About Al-Farooq School

Al-Farooq Weekend School is part of the United Kingdom Islamic Mission. We hope your children succeed at Al-Farooq Weekend School and develop an excellent character. We believe that the weekend school experience is not only about academic achievements but also in extra curricular activities. Hence you will find your child has the opportunity to excel in Quran Memorization, Arabic Language and Islamic Education and also in extra curricular activities. We hold regular competitions.Furthermore, you will find our children have regular assessments with reports for parents to keep them updated about their children’s progress

  • Educational Leadership: To become a leading institution in providing holistic Islamic education that leaves a lasting impact on our students.
  • Curriculum Relevance: To continuously update our curriculum to ensure its relevance, aligning Islamic teachings with the realities and challenges of the contemporary world.
  • Holistic Development: To foster an environment that equips students with the intellectual and spiritual tools necessary for lifelong learning and ethical living as Muslims.
  • Community Engagement: To engage with the broader community, demonstrating the positive impact of a well-rounded Islamic education on both individual lives and society at large.
  • Benchmark of Excellence: To be a beacon of educational excellence, setting the standard for how Islamic studies can be integrated seamlessly with modern-day demands and opportunities.

At Al Farooq Weekend School, our mission is to offer a holistic and impactful Islamic education that maintains relevance in today’s contemporary society. We aim to equip our children with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate life as Muslims in the modern world

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Term 1 September- December 2023 Term 1 key dates
September 20232nd / 9th  – registration

9th – INSET

16th – Start of term

Assembly topics: Our visions and values

Seerah of the prophet

October 2023Assembly: Black History Month

7th – Bilal RA

14th – Musa AS

21st – Muhammad Ali

28th – Malcolm X

November 2023Assembly: Safety and charity

4th – Identity

11th – Road safety

18th – Internet safety

25th – Charity week

25th -Parents meeting from 12-1 pm

1st floor (discussion of school vision values and plans)

December 2023Assembly topic

2nd – Lessons from the life of Isa AS

9th  – Identity

16th – My responsibility

Term-end 23rd

Al Farooq Weekend School Fees Structure

Payment options are flexible, offering either an annual lump-sum or convenient termly installments. Opting for the one-off annual payment also entitles you to a discount, making it a cost-effective choice.


One Child

Payment TypeDiscountTotal FeePayment Dates
Annual5%£342September (£342)
By Term0%£360September (£120)January (£120)April (£120)


Two children

Payment TypeDiscountTotal FeePayment Dates
Annual10%£648September (£648)
By Term0%£720September (£240)January (£240)April (£240)


Three children

Payment TypeDiscountTotal FeePayment Dates
Annual10%£972September (£972)
By Term2%£1,059September (£353)January (£353)April (£353)


Four children

Three children will be charged as mentioned above. No charge will be taken for fourth child!


Terms and condition:

School fees is non-refundable in case a child goes on holidays or takes a day off during term time.

In case parents take their child/children out in the middle of the academic year following conditions will apply.

  1. a) The concession is no longer applicable. The full fee of £36 will be charged for all the months attended till the notification by parents.
  2. b) An administrative fee of £30 will be applied as well before refund is given.

Admission and Dates

We have children attending our school from the ages of 5-16 years and can then join our youth teams. Our intake of children is January each year with additional intake for weekend children in May each year. Final date for submitting applications for entry to the school is 31st May and 30th November respectively. For more information about admission, contact the Masjid.

Subjects we teach

We teach a range of Islamic courses at Al-Farooq School. We strongly believe that a child’s development in Islamic knowledge is not about completing the Quran but also to understand and implement its teaching. The subjects we teach include:

Arabic: Students learn how to read, write, listen, and speaking.

Islamic Studies: Students learn basic knowledge pertaining to Islam (beliefs, morals, manners, hadith, etc) so that they can be good Muslim role models.

Quran: Students learn Quran with tajweed to ensure that they have the correct recitation of the quran.

Al Farooq feedback form

We value your opinion and are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of education and experience we provide to our students. Your feedback is crucial in helping us understand what we're doing well and where we can improve.

Term 2

January 2024- March 2024 

Term 2 key dates 

New Timing: 9:30am – 1:30pm 

January 2024Term starts 6th Jan 2024

Parents meet and Greet 20th 

Assembly topics: New year resolutions, road safety

Competition: Quran and Science competition 27th

February 2024Assembly Topic: Relationships 

Growing up 

My Muslim identity


March 2024 Welcome Ramadan 2nd March 2024

Time change (Ramadan Only!) 16th and 23rd 10:30am – 1:30pm

Term ends 30th March 

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