About UKIM Masjid Ibrahim and Islamic Center

UKIM Masjid Ibrahim and Islamic Center is more than just a place of worship for Muslims. It provides a number of services and facilities for the local community, many of which you will be able to find out about as you go through this website.

UKIM Masjid Ibrahim and Islamic Center is part of the UKIM. The UKIM is one of the oldest nation-wide Islamic organization in the UK. It was founded in October 1962 on the initiative of a small group of Muslims and has since expanded to about forty-five branches and circles in the UK and around thirty mosques and Madaris. The activities, which the UKIM is involved in, are diverse, from building new mosques, relief work, to Dawah on the Internet and youth work.

Our Board of Directors

Asim Uddin

Asim Uddin


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